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How To Apply For South Africa E-visa From Nigeria

visa       Nov 27, 2022

How To Apply For South Africa E-visa From Nigeria


In this article, we will show you how to apply for South Africa e-visa from Nigeria.

Currently, South Africa is the third most popular destination in Africa, according to GlobalData, expected to welcome 6.8 million international arrivals in 2022.

Morocco is the top most popular destination in Africa. We have explained how to apply for Morocco visa application in our previous blog post.


Arrange your documents as per your purpose of visit and visit the VFS centre for submission.

What are the documents you need to go with for the South Africa E-visa?

Documents Required for South Africa E-visa

  1. 3 Months bank statement: You need to provide your recent 3-month bank statements. You bank must stamp each page of the statement. To ensure that you are providing the right 3 months statement, count 3 months backward and include the present month. In case you are being sponsored by someone, spouse or company, you need to include their bank statement and copy of their data page.
  2. Introduction letter: Your employer needs to introduce you and mention your position in the company and your annual salary. The purpose of visit should also be stated in the letter. If they intend to sponsor you, they must mention that the company will be responsible for the trip. They also need to confirm that your leave has been approved. If you are self-employed, you will need to introduce yourself on your company letterhead and state the purpose of visit. In addition to your company letter, it is advisable to prepare a self-introduction letter.
  3. International Passport: You must provide a valid passport you want to use for travel. It must be valid for 6 months from the date of departure from South Africa.
  4. Yellow fever vaccination Card: You will need a valid yellow fever vaccination card. In one of our blog posts, we discussed how to check the authenticity of a yellow fever card.
  5. Dollar Card: I know you may be wondering why a dollar card. Yes, you will need this for the payment of your visa application at the VFS centre. You will be required to use your dollar card for the South Africa e-visa payment.
  6. Invitation Letter: If you are being invited by a host, family or friends from South Africa, you will need an invitation letter from there. If going on a business visit, you also need an invitation letter. The letter must contain your name, the purpose of visit and the details of the host.
  7. Flight reservation: You must present a verifiable flight reservation for you South Africa E-visa. The flight must match your travel date and return date and bear the applicant’s details.
  8. Accommodation: You need a hotel voucher or receipt for your South Africa visa application. Your check-in and check-out date must match the dates on your flight. Your name, hotel name and hotel phone number must be visible on the hotel reservation. In case your host is willing to accommodate you in their homes, then they must send a copy of their utility bill and data page.