What our Services cover

  • As a registered and trusted travel agent in Nigeria, we assist with proper transmission of your applications and files to the Government Agency.
  • Liaise with the Government Agency to ensure your application receives urgent attention, as we know that every visa on arrival request is all about urgent business meetings
  • Draft your letters and address them properly to the Government Agency
  • Quickly track your Application on our portal to know its status
  • Easily download Your Approval and Confirmation Receipt (Issued By The Government Agency)
  • 24/7 WhatsApp Chat
  • Protocol Service (we assist with matters that may arise at the arrival desk, car arrangement and other urgent cases) You can request for special service or arrangement as you want it.

Nigeria Visa On Arrival

Select country of Nationality below to see Nigeria Visa On Arrival requirements for your country:

Nigeria Visa On Arrival Requirements for your choice country Citizens

Need to visit Nigeria or have an urgent meeting in Nigeria? See Nigeria Visa On Arrival requirements for your country

We can assist you with securing a Nigeria Visa On Arrival. Below is the waiting time and associated fees:

Processing time is 24hours to 48 hours

Visa Fee: $(Choose your nationality to see fees) ( Inclusive of transaction charges USD 20 by Govt. Agency. )

Our Service Charge:

Biometric fee:

Total: $0

You do not need a visa to enter Nigeria

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